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Management And Covenant Restrictions


Please remember that Shenandoah Community Association is a Covenant Community. Rules and Regulations exist and personnel are in place to monitor the homes on a regular basis. Please be mindful of your home and whether it fits the guidelines set in place. Some of the Rules include the following:

  • Vehicles cannot be parked on the lawn. Derelict vehicles cannot be stored.
  • Campers or boats can not be stored in front of homes (they must be behind the front line of the house on a concrete slab)
  • Yards must be kept clean and neat (overgrown grass, piles of leaves never cleaned, beds never weeded, etc.)
  • Window air conditioners are not allowed within the communities at Shenandoah
  • White or off-white window treatments must be used in all front view windows.
  • Carports and yards must be kept neat and clean. (No one wants to see your junk!)
  • No owner may have a yard/garage sale without prior permission and no more than 2 per year are allowed.

If you receive a letter from management, please take a few moments to correct the problem. Call the management office at 770.599.6630 or email: to discuss the issue and relate the time period you will need to correct the problem. Daily fines in the amount of $25.00 per infraction will automatically be assessed if conditions are not corrected.

New Meeting Minutes & Budget Info

Check out the SCA Meetings page for updated meeting minutes and info on the SCA Budget.


Neighborhood Girl

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