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What's New @ Shenandoah

ATT High Speed Network Upgrade - Construction Notice

We've received notice that ATT will be installing high speed technology in our neighborhood, and will result in minor construction on our property to run the cables.

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See what's new at Shenandoah. Our December Newsletter brings everybody up-to-speed to what's going on in our community.

COVID and our Community

With COVID-19 in effect, please be mindful of social distancing, wearing masks, and protecting your family. Some area businesses are open. Think of our small, neighborhood businesses, and continue to support them.

Clean Up Your Act!

In our desire to keep our community looking good, and continue to be a safe place to live, we continue to monitor and ask homeowners to abide by our community polices. If you have a yard that backs up to the fence, please do not discard yard refuse over the fence. If you have a basketball hoop out inthe street, we are asking homeowners to remove them from the street for aesthetic reasons. Please understand that for homeowners that possess continual community infractions, fines are incurring daily. If you need to cut your lawn, trim your bushes, and pull your weeds, please make it happen. Do you need to remove that old truck off your lawn, or pressure wash your house? We ask you to please take care of the issue, asap. Your community will thank you.

New Homes On The Horizon

The new homes are still being built and unfortunately, the community is still not complete. We have a new owner who we want to welcome.

New Landscaping Company: Classic Landscapes

We are happy to announce that we have a new landscape company, Classic Landscaping beginning on August 1, 2020. has been providing design/build and seasonal maintenance services in the southern crescent since 2005. Headquartered in Hampton, Georgia, our team of residential and commercial landscape designers have over 15 years of experience in the creation and stewardship of great outdoor spaces.

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Join The Piedmont Hospital Auxillary
Piedmont Hospital Auxillary

Our Auxiliary members serve as “Ambassadors of Good Will” and provide an array of volunteer services to the patients, the hospital, and our community.

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Calendar of Events

It's Been A Tough Year, COVID-wise, and with the heat and rain.

With Covid-19 in effect, please be mindful of social distancing, wearing masks, and protecting your family. Some businesses are open and some are not. Support our small, neighborhood businesses. We'll get through this together.

The weather has been unpredictable. Whether your getting ready for watching a Braves game on your patio, or planning a picnic on a warm weekend, it's been hard to guage the weather. If the weather is nice, find an outdoor activity. If it's not, try a little shopping Wear a mask, and wash your hands often.

Assessment Update

Second-half Assessments Were Mailed in June


The first-half assessments were mailed out in December. The Single Family Residence (SFR) full assessment was, and currently is $89.00, and is due every six(6) months. Please keep in mind the assessments will vary based on revenues, budget requirements, and the Coweta County numbers we are required to use for property values. If the percentages of members that pay keeps increasing, the assessments may decrease some more, assuming the other factors don't increase.

More members are paying due to:

  • Zero-Balance Credit, and...
  • More effort on collecting from past-due accounts.
If you have not paid your homeowner association dues, please pay them now as late fees may be piling up.
Thinking About A Home Improvement Project?

Approval For Projects is Easy...and Mandatory


There seems to be an increase in the number of projects started without having Development Review Committee (DRC) approval. Please remember our Declaration of Covenants and Development Guidelines require DRC approval for any significant changes to a property. Fences, planters, paint jobs, roofing, parking pads, sheds, garages, swimming pools, swings, shutters, RV parking, new construction, etc., are examples of the types of projects SCA members must coordinate with the DRC. Please see the Declaration and the Development Guidelines in the Covenants section of this website, or contact us directly for hard copy. Also, Coweta County needs an approval form from the Association for any work requiring a building permit.

Please note projects done without DRC approval:

  • Earn a $50 fine for the first occurrence with the amount of the fine doubling for every occurrence thereafter. Fines are added to the property’s balance.
  • Still require DRC approval.
  • Will have to be removed or modified if not approvable.
  • May be vulnerable to further covenant violation action.

Over the past several months, several properties have had $50 fines added to their property’s account. This is unfortunate for at least a few reasons:

  • It creates more work for the Board and DRC members. Remember, they are all volunteers. Volunteer time is better spent on making things better, not working on recurring problems.
  • Generally, any activity in conflict with the Declaration of Covenants lowers property values.
  • The $50 fine denies the property owner the Zero-Balance Credit on the next semi-annual assessment, since there will be a past-due balance on the property at the time of the assessment.

Please, contact the DRC if you are thinking of modifying your property.

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Bad Guys, Watch Out!

Our Neighborhood Watch Program is Underway!

Neighborhood Watch

Sgt. Stephen Crook of the Coweta County Sheriff's Office kicked off our Neighborhood Watch Program while the voting was taking place. The meeting went on longer than anticipated because of the high level of interest shown by the 90 or so community members in attendance.

We will have larger Neighborhood Watch signs at each end of Shenandoah Blvd. to make it obvious to all those passing through, that we take security seriously.

All kinds of safety information and materials are available at and These websites show how to get everything from individual signs for our houses to brochures and training.

Thanks go out to Sheriff Yeager for the Coweta County Sheriff's Office involvement in the Neighborhood Watch program, and especially to Sgt. Crook for his time, his attitude, and his devotion to public service. Thanks again to Abundant Life Church for the use of their Sanctuary for the meeting. Look for the new signs over the next few weeks, and keep a wary eye out for the bad guys!