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New Covenants and Leasing Amendment

Management And Covenant Restrictions

New Covenants   Bylaws

In 2006, our Association's new covenants were signed, notarized, and recorded at Coweta County offices on the 7th of June. The covenants were approved by the general membership on the 9th of May by a majority of 86%.

Copies of the proposed covenants were distributed to every member in early April of '06, and are available now on the website here as the new and approved covenants. Please contact us if you need paper copies of the Declaration of Covenants or the Development Guidelines.

The new covenants are a great step forward for our Association. Making the new covenants official was no small task. Several board members spent many hundreds of diligent and voluntary hours in direct response to the desires of our membership. We are all now free of the voids and restrictions of the outdated covenants, and can look forward to improved property values as well as a better quality of life in our community.

Late in 2006, the covenants were amended to lessen the restrictions on leasing. That amendment is posted at the end of the new covenants. Leasing can continue, but the property owners of leased properties will submit to the Association documentation naming the occupants and stating the duration of the lease. The Association does not require lessors to submit leases for Association approval.


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Below, please find the is the Resolution/Leasing Guidelines.


Development Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to assist Owners in developing plans and specifications which will meet with the approval of Shenandoah and White Oak Development Review Committees (collectively, the "DRC") established pursuant to the provisions of Article 5, respectively, of the Consolidated and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Liens And Assessments of Jefferson Ventures, Inc. Dated As Of August 14, 1984, As Amended, and the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Liens And Assessments Of Jefferson Ventures, Inc. For White Oak, Stages II and III, As Amended (collectively, the "Declaration").

The DRC is prepared to provide Owners with every reasonable assistance in coordinating plans and specifications with these Development Guidelines and in moving through the development review process as rapidly as possible.

Read the full Development Guidelines, (File: DevelGuidelines_New.pdf).

Development Guidelines  

The Development Guidelines document is in PDF format, and Requires Adobe Reader.


Design Review Request Submission Form

Are you painting, or somehow modifying/enhancing the exterior of your home?

If you're making changes to the exterior of your home, you need to complete the following:

  1. Download The Design Review Request Form found below.
  2. Fill out, sign, and save the form to your computer.
  3. Gather any additional documents you wish to submit.
  4. Upload your Design Review Request Form, and additional documents, using the DRC Submission Form.

Once obtained, we'll review your documents, and get back to you with either Approval, Disapproval, or provide our suggestions for approval as soon as possible.

Make sure you read the Development Guidelines found above.

If you have questions, please direct them to: